5 Summer Fruits That Have A Positive Effect On Your Figure

5 Summer Fruits That Have A Positive Effect On Your Figure

In summer, we especially want to show off a slender figure, because the weather allows us to do so. And here are the seasonal summer fruits that allow you to enjoy their use and not gain extra pounds.


All those who say that diet foods are tasteless are deeply mistaken. If you add strawberries to salads, cereals, smoothies, or even pastries, you get a pronounced pleasant taste.

We will remind you that in 100 grams of strawberry only 33 calories, but it has a set of antioxidants strengthening immunity.

You can make strawberry ice cream at home in 2 minutes and it will be much tastier, healthier, and more original than any store-bought one.

This strawberry ice cream recipe is best for hot summer:

  • Strawberries or raspberries;
  • A little coconut milk;
  • Frozen banana;
  • If desired, you can add honey.


Juicy raspberries quickly lift the mood. If you are trying to lose weight, then this is another reason for its eating. In 100 grams of these berries – 53 calories. You can add it to flakes or strips, or salads.


This fruit contains more than 90% of water. And is an excellent product for promoting kidney health. In 100 grams of watermelon – 30 calories.


Rich in nutrients, they are also one of the most healthy fruits. In 100 grams of peach 39 calories.

In addition, they contain phenolic compounds that have anti-inflammatory and antidiabetic effects.


In 100 grams of this exotic fruit 43 calories. Papaya helps to control blood sugar levels and strengthen the immune system.

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