7 Ways to Drink More Water Everyday

7 Ways to Drink More Water Everyday

How many times have you promised yourself to drink more water more often during the day and then forgot about your promise?

This simple habit is one of the best remedies for many health problems, and it also prevents many diseases.

If you are willing to drink more water, you should know that this habit will have a positive effect on your health:

  • improves kidney function;
  • reduces pain and inflammation, especially in the knees and neck;
  • gives skin and hair a healthy look;
  • helps get rid of constipation;
  • reduces fluid retention and edema.

1. Take a bottle of water with you

The first piece of advice to help you remember to drink more water is to carry a bottle of water with you wherever you are. It should contain at least one liter and you should fill it twice a day.

This bottle should be with you wherever you are so that you can drink easily and constantly without wasting time.

2. Lemon and ice

If you find it difficult to drink water because you are used to drinking beverages such as juice, coffee, and cola, you need to go through some “detoxification” process and accustom your body to drinking water. As soon as you get used to it, you will like it more.

A good way to start this change is to drink water with lemon and ice. You can even add a few drops of stevia to sweeten it without adding calories.

Gradually you can add more water to your lemonade.

3. Add some flavor

Another option that makes drinking water more appetizing is its smell.

To do this, add fruits, flowers or aromatic plants to the water for a couple of hours before drinking it.

The water will look not only brighter but also more appetizing. In addition, you will get a drink with an incredible aroma that will make you drink more often.

4. Set an alarm clock or reminder

If you still have problems with drinking water after implementing the above tips, and you remember that you need to drink more water only at the end of the day, when there is not enough time to drink the right amount, try this practical solution: set an alarm clock or reminder.

This will help you take a few sips every few minutes, instead of drinking large amounts at once.

Add a note on your desktop, refrigerator, or in your bedroom, or set an alarm on your mobile phone. This will help you get used to drinking more water every day.

After you’ve been using reminders for a while, they won’t be needed any time soon.

5. Do a lot of sports

One way to drink more water is to help your body produce more sweat. This way you will have a thirst.

The best way to achieve this is to do hard exercises twice a week.

Exercising only once will probably help you increase your water intake by half a liter or a liter without any effort, as your body will ask for it.

6. Drink water at the right time

To experience the healing benefits mentioned above, you should always drink water on an empty stomach.

The best time to drink water on an empty stomach is as soon as you get up in the morning before you eat anything.

In the morning you need to drink two or three glasses of water.

You can drink the rest of your daily water throughout the morning or afternoon.

If you have trouble sleeping, avoid drinking water in the evening.

7. When hunger is really thirst

Did you know that we often eat, even when we are not hungry, because we confuse hunger with thirst?

Try the following experiment: when you are hungry, drink plenty of water, and wait a few minutes. By doing this, you will not only drink more water but also help yourself control your weight and lose weight, avoiding extra snacks.

Drinking water half an hour before a meal can also help you eat less.

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