How to Lose Weight Quickly and Safely

How to Lose Weight Quickly and SafelyIt’s fashionable to be slim, smart and athletic. Many modern diets promise a quick result and getting rid of excess weight in the shortest time. But they are silent about the unpleasant consequences of stressful weight loss for your health and appearance.

How to lose weight properly, so that the dropped pounds are not returned with an increase?

The first thought that you should give up is hunger strikes.

Of course, hungry diets give their result. But the damage from them is much more than good. Starting to starve, a person forcibly transfers the body to internal reserves. First of all fasting eats muscles. Then, having lost a certain number of pounds, a person with a high degree of probability will break and begin to eat as before. And, of course, very quickly get all that dropped and even more – because the body will seek to stock up energy for future use. Only now the weight lost on the muscles will get at the expense of pure fat. In the end, after a diet, a person may look worse than before. Not to mention the harm to the kidneys, reproductive functions and the nervous system.

Therefore, the process of losing weight should be approached as sensibly as possible. And here are a few recommendations that will help you get fit without risk to health:

Do not lose weight for the sake of vacation or after the holidays. Realize why you want to lose weight. This goal should be as long-term as possible. So that you abandon diets and other measures that give a temporary effect, in favor of a new way of life.

Refuse the stereotype. In fact, no ideal exists – the ideal proportions and attractiveness depend on what type of figure you are. Therefore, one should not strive to turn oneself into a photographic image from a magazine. Set yourself real goals, the achievement of which will make you happy.

Understand your bad habits. One of the reasons why even having reached the desired parameters, people are gaining weight again – frequent overeating, which are also called food binges. This habit is directly related to our psychology. To get rid of it, it is necessary to realize which fears or unpleasant thoughts we are eating an extra piece of cake or sandwiches with butter. To realize – and to learn to overcome them with the help of other kinds of leisure: walking, training, reading.

Track every meal. This is especially important in the first stage, when you are just trying to form new eating habits. Start a food diary and mark in it everything that you eat per day. Yes, yes, those chips that you took to try from a pack of friends are also considered. And ice cream, eaten for the company. Records will help you see and exclude the food that previously remained unnoticed, but settled on the hips.

Lose weight systematically. Choosing the right diet is the basis of the basis in losing weight. Choose for yourself healthy food instead of flour, sweets and fatty foods. Make a menu for a week ahead and include fresh vegetables, cereals, and foods rich in protein and vitamins. Sometimes you can hear that for weight loss you need to consume no more than 1,000 calories per day, based on the rate for women of 2,000 calories. This is not true. You need to understand that abstract figures are not important here. It is important that in the day you spend more calories than you consume. For this reason, in addition to nutrition, it is recommended that attention be given to sports training.

Drink enough water. To normalize the metabolism, you need to maintain the water balance in the body. Therefore, a day you should drink 2-2.5 liters of water. Water feeds our internal organs, so its lack can manifest itself in the form of a variety of symptoms – from swelling of the legs to permanent headaches. Also, drinking enough pure water, you dull the thirst, which in a number of cases the brain interprets as easy hunger.

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