Diet Tips for Office Workers

Diet Tips for Office WorkersHow to lose weight in the office and maintain a balanced diet in conditions of irregular schedule

Do not gain extra pounds in the office is quite difficult. The thing is that there is a growing risk of eating something wrong and eating something harmful.

As a result, unregulated food and stressful work will help you gain extra pounds.

Here are 5 effective ways to eat right if you work in the office.

Follow the scheme

Adhere to an effective scheme of proper nutrition, even in the office. Healthy nutrition involves a balance: 30 percent of fats, 30 percent of carbohydrates and 30 percent of proteins.

Eat slowly

For one meal, you need to consume as many useful substances as your body can digest. For this we do not oversaturate our body with unnecessary fats, and we only eat simple carbohydrates for lunch.

Correct snack

During the day you can have a snack with cereal loaves. They contain a sufficient amount of complex carbohydrates, which for a long time saturate you.


Protein food is ideal for dinner. Save your dinner for fish and meat. It will satiate you, and it will not hurt the figure.


During the day, it is also recommended to eat fiber in any form. It is slowly digested, but it saturates the body. Have a bite of fruit, bananas and oatmeal cookies.

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