Ways to Reboot Your Body and Get a Fresh Start

Ways to Reboot Your Body and Get a Fresh StartImage credit: cocoparisienne

A change in mood, a head that breaks after an hour of work, hands that are difficult to lift, eyes that resemble heroes from popular films, do not just try to whisper something to you, they shout: “Stop! We are tired!”. Working in pleasure, and not in weariness brings a person joy. Joy from life, from the passed day. Strange as it may seem, you need to rest more often.

A person is not only a machine consisting of a multitude of elements, but a soul that causes, motivates this machine to move. That is, you need to rest not only the body, the state of mind, too, needs relaxation. We tell how to repair the car quickly and efficiently.

Firmly squeeze shut for 5 seconds, open and repeat the procedure 8 times.
Quickly blink 2 minutes.
Close the eyelids and massage them from the corners to the bridge of the nose.

If the workspace allows, then first look at the furthest object in the room, and then immediately “switch” to the desktop, selecting any object you like. If the cabinet is small, then peer through the window: first to the house / tree, standing in the distance, and then to the cactus, “living” on the windowsill.
For a couple of seconds you can touch the eyelids with three fingers of both hands lightly pressing, repeat about 3 times.

When warming up, you need to remember that after each exercise a few minutes of rest with closed eyes are just necessary. When working at a computer, it is recommended to make small breaks every 40-60 minutes.

Standing, with your hands at the seams, shake with brushes 3-5 seconds.
5-7 times tightly squeeze your hands in fists and relax.

Sit flat and head straight for exactly 3-5 seconds.
Sitting exactly, raise your hands and pull them up, lower, relax, repeat 2-3 times.
Staying in the same position, do circular exercises with shoulders, ie 2-5 times the shoulders are retracted, then as much forward.
In the standing position, place your hands in front of you, make turns in the sides with the expansion of your hands. It is important to feel as much as possible back muscles. Do the movements should be 5-7 times in both directions.

Sitting on a chair, with bare feet, put the feet opposite each other and roll 5-7 times from the heel to the toe.
Remaining in the same position, the legs, put perpendicular to the floor, raise by 90, return to the initial state, and repeat a couple of times.

How to restore the emotional state
Working break is given to you for a reason. Waiting for him at the desk will lead to just chronic fatigue. Lunch in the middle of the day is a breath of fresh air for the body. So, in law your time, it’s better to really eat, if possible, to sleep, a 20-minute sleep will restore the entire body, and “coming up” from the office and strolling along the street for 5-10 minutes, you will feel a rush of vigor and strength of mind.

If the music does not distract you and does not overload, then you can listen to relaxing compositions. To work, for example, create a special playlist, which will include songs that lead you into tone.

You can listen to relaxing compositions

Image credit: sweetlouise

If the brain is completely confused by the instructions coming from the bosses, it’s just necessary to put the workspace in order. The order on the table – the order in the head, the thoughts immediately “straighten up” and do everything right.

Social networks and distracting messages are better grouped and moved to some special time. For example, exactly half an hour a day, at a certain hour, you view news, answer letters and messages. So that during your working day nothing distracts you, you can devote time to this activity at the beginning and at the end of the working day.

To say to the soul that everything is good and the world is beautiful, aromatic oils and various incenses will also help. Certain flavors take away the headache and are set to work. Here, the main thing is not to overdo it, because very sharp smells can lead to bad health.

Workaholics who burn out at work day and night and forget what a vacation is, it is recommended to remember. A treasured month of rest is a period that helps the body to relax, recover and store energy. If the sun, the sea and palms for a month are only boring, then it’s a good idea to give yourself a breather for two weeks twice a year. After such interruptions the body will be fully prepared for new feats.

Thus, after spending a few minutes to restore the body in the physical plane can be cleaned, polished all the parts and particles of such a complex machine as a person. But, encouraging the inner world, the robot turns into a harmoniously tuned personality, ready to sort through the mountains of papers, sit at the computer for 8 hours and chat with colleagues and bosses. Only in good physical and moral form it is possible to work really into joy.

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