Mixing Business With Pleasure: How to Run a Successful Business

Mixing Business With Pleasure: How to Run a Successful BusinessMany famous brands have grown from enthusiasm. Another Henry Ford said: “The best work is a hobby that brings money.” This phrase perfectly illustrates the purpose of the appointment. Find out how to find your business life, and your admiration can become a successful business if it meets four simple rules:

  • It brings you pleasure from the process;
  • It goes well;
  • Benefit people;
  • Brings money

So you wanted to turn your passion into business. Next, in order to avoid failure, we must act exactly on the method. And even if a certain step seems insignificant – do not miss it, business is not trivial!

Decision making

The first step is the most important. Check your lessons for the above 4 rules. Most hobbies fall under them. But for control, write for yourself 4 answers, why in your case the hobby can become a business. After that, write down in writing an unequivocal decision: “I am starting and achieve such a success in such a case!” And even better – declare it publicly. Any “try” kill the business in the germ.

Set the goal

The goal is to be great. Immediately I warn – there will be obstacles, failures, failures, breakdowns on the way to turn capture into one’s own business. So that they do not stop – you decide to become a business lady with great desires. And yet, think about what your goal will bring to people. The obligatory moment – the goal must be written, and even better – be in the form of a nice picture!

Explore the way of leaders

Find information about people who have already implemented a close mind. Of the 7 billion people, probably someone already did something like this, and the Internet knows everything about success. Explore their path – how they acted, what they did, what they were, how they thought. For fidelity, find and study 5 such people.

Make a plan

From the learned experience, make up your own plan of action. It must contain actions, terms of execution, volume or quantity. The plan is not obliged to be immediately detailed and good, but if there is no plan – to improve nothing in their lives. Also, the plan should contain the expected results – one month, two, three, six months, 9 months, a year. After 5 years you will achieve your great goal.

Begin to act 

The best ideas are nothing worthy of action. Right now, start acting on the plan. Several important points. The first thing is to do something for your business every day, albeit a little bit. Continuity and persistence are the main elements of success.
The second one is to learn the universal business qualities – presentation, sales, negotiations, planning, purposefulness. Without these skills – it does not happen. And thirdly – to use third-party help. The trainer helps the athlete for great results. In business, the coach performs the role of a coach.

Find the environment

It is very important. The people around us are largely inert and inclined to break ourselves.

A new environment

a) people with similar occupations, and

b) people who inspire and support you.

In any city there are clubs, societies, and even simpler on the Internet – thematic groups in social networks, communities, forums. Communicating with the new environment will give you new ideas and much energy!

Rejoice with the results

Any return on their own affairs must be taken with gratitude – all religions and philosophies of the world say this. The more and joy you give – the more you get then. And this is the development of your business!

This way has led a lot of women to create their own business. As Mary Kay Ash said (author of Mary Kay): “If you think you can, you can. But if you think that you can not, then you will not be able to. ”

Act on the plan – and you will join the community of successful people.

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