9 Ways To Wake Up Happy

9 Ways To Wake Up HappyImage credit: stokpic

Morning is the most resourceful time. It depends on how we start it, how it will go all day. And from the days our whole life is formed.

Start the morning with an alarm clock, a cigarette from coffee and a TV (or computer) – a direct way to spoil your own unique life. Indeed, this way we immediately get a negative charge both at the level of consciousness and at the bodily level. Pamper and love yourself in the morning, then your life will change.

Secret 1. Prepare the morning after evening

Good morning you need to cook from the evening. Before your sleep, be sure to take a shower, and preferably a fragrant relaxing bath. Get rid of all the problems and sadness, tune in to what you left behind, in the past day. Remember before the dream that good, fun and funny, what happened the day that you saw and remembered.

Do not sit at bedtime in the computer and do not watch the TV! It is so easy to miss the time of sleep and gain negative emotions that will not let you fall asleep.

Sit in a well ventilated room. It is better to take the blanket warmer, but do not close the window: the fresh air should be flooded!
To sleep, get down early. Better between ten and eleven, but certainly not later than midnight. By the way, nutritionists say that later laying is often a cause of overweight. The organism simply does not have time to carry out that work on processing and complete decomposition of food which it conducts precisely during night sleep. And the late rise does not help, because this process occurs only during sleep in full darkness, when the body produces a hormone melatonin.

Secret 2. Make the awakening enjoyable

To be happy with the morning, give up the abominable ringing tone of the alarm clock. Set up on your phone or computer a melody that makes you smile. It can be related to your favorite film, summer vacation or any joyous event in your life. But let the sounds that awake you in the morning, bring joy with you through the dream.

And it is very important to wake up from the first time. People who put the alarm one hour before the rise, so that he wakes them up every 10 minutes, want to wake up gradually, and they get a reverse effect: they are already annoyed and feel broken at the time of the upsurge.

Psychologists in one voice argue that you have to educate yourself to get up early, regardless of whether you are owl or a lark. Indeed, according to research, even among those of them who wake up earlier, all day long they often feel more active and optimistic than those who wake up later.

And British psychologists at all found out that among adults who stay in bed until 9-10 o’clock in the morning, overweight and depression tends to be much more common than those who are accustomed to getting up at 7am.

Secret 3. Smile!

enjoying the rest, and smiling

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Wake up, do not hurry to jump from bed. Leave the whole minute, enjoying the rest, and smiling. Yes, it’s possible to smile and stupid, but it works! Even if at first the smile will be somewhat artificial, gradually you get used to starting the morning exactly so, and a good mood will visit you all the earlier and earlier.

Even in bed remember 10 reasons to be grateful to fate. It’s not that hard! After all, you had a place to sleep, you woke up, alive and well, now you go to the shower and spend another ten minutes or even half an hour where you are comfortable and calm. Here are several reasons for gratitude to the universe. Think the rest of yourself. Just do not let yourself think about problems and deeds, you will have time to think about them later. After all, a new day will bring joy to you, if in the morning you “order” your day correctly. Think of good!

The secret is 4. The magic glass of water

Drink a glass of water right away as soon as you got out of bed. It’s best that he finds himself next to the bed from the evening, otherwise it’s easy to forget about it. Do you think this is nonsense? But even the yogis do the same thing, but they already know the point in working with the body and spirit.

A glass of water on the stomach eliminates a lack of fluid, cleanses the mucous from slags and toxins accumulated overnight, prepares the gastrointestinal tract for future work and provides a very mild laxative effect.

There are some very simple rules that yogis would call practitioners. Their performance gives a result disproportionate to the time and effort spent. Just a glass of water on the stomach is one of them. Just do not forget to drink it every morning.

The secret 5. What will wake us up

Turn on your favorite music, but not a TV or a radio; otherwise, a lot of negative news and those songs that you have not chosen will fall to you early in the morning.

If it’s hard to wake up to the end in the morning, there are several ways to cheer up. You will be helped by the massage of the ears and hands. Rub the napkins vigorously, remember all the ear, then roll the ribbed pencil in your palms, massage your fingers from the tips to the palm, as if you are wearing close gloves.

And, of course, for a successful awakening, you need a morning shower! Psychologists and doctors in one voice state that there is nothing better than a contrasting soul. It activates blood circulation, accelerates metabolic processes and helps to tune in to a positive state. But if you are not a supporter of extreme methods and do not like cold water, it is better to do without stress. Then choose a mild option: make the water at first a little warmer, and then cooler, and so several times, ending with cool water.

As detergents, use gels and foam with citrus scents, they help to wake up and increase the amount of vigor.

Secret 6. Hugs and other joy

Hugs and other joy


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Scientists have found that it is extremely useful to hug. Include a hugging ritual in a mandatory morning plan. If you wake up at the same time with your loved one, it’s okay to bed in bed. But if one of you leaves before the second one arises, all the same, agree on a mandatory gentle kiss on parting. Then all day you will feel the plume of happiness.

Kiss and hug your children and parents in the morning, it will be better for you all! Love is such a resource, which only grows from the fact that you spend it. Here you will see how much happier you will be if you get used to hugging and kissing your loved ones every morning.

Secret 7. The right breakfast

Be sure to have a delicious breakfast! Especially since in the morning you can afford to eat even what you usually refuse to yourself if you look after the figure. So why not treat yourself to any kind of delicious food? Breakfast, firstly, optimizes the metabolism, and secondly, what you eat at breakfast is better absorbed by the body than what you eat at lunch and dinner.

True, it’s not necessary to start with sweets and rolls. You can afford them at the end. And the right choice to ensure good health is porridge, muesli, omelet, fruit and vegetables.

If you can do without coffee, do it! Good tea is much more useful and awesome. For example, choose a black puer, this is the perfect morning tea. In Chinese medicine, he is considered “tea of a hundred illnesses”, I attribute him more than 20 healing properties, and it is also an effective remedy for weight loss, and it is not harmful to drink on an empty stomach!

Secret 8. Think of your day

Stop for a moment and imagine how you want to see your day. And not only today. Represent in more detail distant plans and dreams. For example, how will your apartment, which you have not already bought, look like, or how you go barefoot on the surf, or how to rush in the sunset on a brand new motorcycle. Imagine your dream in detail and … release this idea into the Universe. Imagine your day and your dreams every morning, and you will see that there will not be much time and your life will change. Ask the Universe what you want, and this will definitely be given to you.

Secret 9. Do small good deeds!

When leaving the house, smile at your reflection and try not to lose a smile on the way to work. Smile strangers in transport, carry a positive charge all day! Our life consists of moments. So take care that these moments are beautiful.

Do small good deeds! Give someone a place in public transport, hold the door, wish a good day for a saleswoman in a stall, and treat the homeless dog with a sausage. The surroundings will be nice, and you will enjoy the fact that they did a little good thing!

Even if on the way to work somebody looked angry at you, pushed or scribbled from a neighboring car, just mentally show the figure in your pocket and keep a good mood!

Remember that your mood depends only on how you relate to your surroundings. Make your own mood. Good morning and a wonderful day!

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