Is Running Bad for Varicose Veins?

Is Running Bad for Varicose Veins?There is no unequivocal answer to the question, “Can I run with varicose veins?”. Everything depends on the degree of development of the disease, general health, the presence of concomitant diseases, age, individual characteristics. In order that each person could resolve this issue for themselves, one should first of all understand the reasons for which this disease appears.

What causes varicose veins
Varicose disease is a disease that people have massively acquired because of their wrong lifestyle. It’s not about smoking and drinking alcohol, although these factors have an effect on the state of the vessels. The cause of varicose veins always lies in the excessive strain on the superficial veins of the legs, which can result from:

• physical stress (strength exercises, prolonged standing on the legs or, for example, in women after childbirth);
• excess weight.

The veins of the legs expand because of the narrowing of the ascending vessels in the groin area and in the abdominal cavity. As a result of physical stress or due to the pressure created by excess weight, there is an obstacle to the normal movement of blood flow up the deep veins of the legs. Part of the blood is redirected to the superficial veins. However, they are not designed for such a load, because in contrast to the deep veins are not surrounded by muscles that would have a stabilizing effect on them. Violation of the hemodynamics of the lower extremities, persisting for a long time or appearing systematically, leads to the fact that the elastic walls of superficial veins irreversibly expand.

Which run is useful for varicose veins
As a result of the above process, the blood circulation in the lower limbs deteriorates. The venous circulation in the legs of even a healthy person is a rather difficult process: the blood needs to be raised, while it has a thicker consistency than the arterial one. The disturbance of circulation that occurs during varicose complicates the circulation even more, leading to stagnation of blood in the veins. Stagnation of venous blood sharply increases the risk of blood clots – blood clots.

To reduce this risk in varicose veins, a mobile lifestyle is shown. A short, short run, provided there is no excess weight, is a good way to maintain the venous leg system in tone.

The principal value in varicose veins is the alternation of a static (ie immobile) and dynamic load on the body during the day. When we talk about light jogging, we mean, among other things, using the treadmill during the working day. Two-hour sitting work should be interrupted by a 10-minute session on the simulator. This will be useful not only for the veins of the legs, but for the entire body.

How to run with varicose veins

When varicose veins should be run, following certain rules:

• For the time of jogging, protect feet with compression clothing;
• Do not run for long;
• adhere to the average running pace.

Special running clothing should provide compression, at least on the foot below the knee (knee socks, gaiters) – this option is suitable for warm weather. It was shown that running in gaiters or golfs helps to reduce pain in varicose veins, and also stops the progression of the disease.

In cooler weather, you can use leggings. Compression shorts with varicose should not be worn, because they contribute to increased pressure in the superficial veins of the shin.

The second and third rules – running short and not fast – are associated with the need to eliminate excessive loads. The concept of excessive load individually. It is not possible to give any absolute recommendations suitable for all in this matter.

When you can not run with varicose veins
People suffering from varicose veins should not run in the following cases:

• with excess weight;
• with severe varicose veins;
• in the presence of concomitant cardiovascular diseases (including thrombophlebitis, past cases of venous thrombosis, strokes);
• for long distances.

Do not forget that our body loves harmony and does not like overload. What is in some cases a medicine, with a fanatical attitude causes damage to health. For people suffering from varicose veins, doctors recommend practicing light running with the use of compression linen. Run comfortably, with pleasure and for your own health!

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