Tips for Taming Dry, Frizzy Hair

Tips for Taming Dry, Frizzy HairHair is an important part of the image, without which it is difficult to imagine an attractive girl. Few people consider themselves to be perfect, and women with curly hair dream to pacify them, organize them so that the curls are large, like those of romantic women with paintings by famous artists. Only from the outside it seems that the fluffy hair on the head, this is a minimum of worries, has its own difficulties.

Unruly hair

This is not to say: curly hair is completely indestructible, the problem is that it lasts until the first appearance on the street in rainy weather. Immediately beautiful curls turn into a gorgeous dandelion, delivering the owner a lot of negative emotions. There are problems when combing, washing, they are tangled, as a rule, dry, so they lack an attractive shine.
But with the right approach, you can achieve good results, and return hair shine, healthy look, styling will not be torture. Care attitude to beauty should be careful, since losing it is much easier than repairing it.

Hair and scalp care

What is the reason hair becomes fluffy? It is all about moistening, or rather, in its deficiency. As a rule, people with curly hair have dry skin, so the lack of moisture must be replenished. Need to know how to do it. There are some tips:

  • When washing your head, never tilt it down, since the scales that cover our hair open, the effect is the same as if you stroke a cat against wool. Therefore, it is better to use the overhead shower and do not tilt your head;
  • Use of hair dryer should be reduced to a minimum. The skin is already lacking moisture, and the warm air deprives them of even the remaining moisture. If you constantly dry your hair with a hair dryer, then over time without split ends, springs instead of curls, will not do. Let them dry naturally, you can use a hair net to avoid excessive fluffiness. If it is necessary to speed up the process and apply a hairdryer, then it is necessary to dry one strand, rather than all the hair at once;
  • You should not carefully comb them with wet, as tangled hair will immediately respond to the bullying and leave your head. There are several types of curly hair, for some it is suitable for styling with the help of special tools, and sometimes it is enough to twist slightly damp hair into a bun, and get chic curls after they are dissolved;
  • When choosing detergents worth paying attention to the purpose of the shampoo. To get rid of excessive dryness, you must try to use such, as part of which the oils, moisturizing ingredients. This will help quickly and permanently lay rebellious curls, or fluffy cloud of hair;
  • If the owners of greasy hair often have a problem of washing it is very serious, then women with dry hair need to wash their hair once a week, since they do not look dirty in any way. This is correct, as frequent water procedures further dry the hair;
  • It should be understood that in any action should be a measure. If you use tools that do not wash off, then it is often not worth doing. After applying, you have to walk with them for several days, dirt accumulates, and you should not rinse your hair with regular shampoo, you must use options with deep cleaning;
  • Care should be taken to dye hair, as any chemical process is strongly reflected in the condition of the scalp and hair. If there is no need, it is better to refuse coloring, you can use tonic. Gray hair requires special care and mandatory coloring, so the choice of dye must be approached very carefully. You should not give preference to low-cost manufacturers of cosmetics, as in the composition of the more well-known companies more caring substances. Ideally, it is better to use the services of a hairdresser.

Fluffy hair styling

In order for the styling not to turn into flour, it is necessary to prepare the hair, that is, to wash it with the right shampoo, apply a special balm. You need to choose shampoos for curly hair, and if you use it all the time, you will eventually get rid of excessive dryness and fluffiness. After the balsam, the hair looks healthy, it is easier to lay and comb.

Today, a wide selection of curlers is presented, of all kinds, sizes, but curls can be made in a simple grandma’s way. We take a new sock, its thickness depends on the type of hair, we comb them on the top of the head, twist it with one strand on the sock and tie it on the back of the head or on the top (depending on the length of the hair). So you can go to bed, nothing will interfere, and the next morning, having untied the sock, we will get the basal volume and exactly lying large curls. This method is also suitable for owners of straight, hard hair, which is a lot, but they lie in their own way, and no funds affect them. And so you can achieve volume at the roots in the upper part of the head.

If the hair is dry, a mask is very useful. Especially on the basis of oils: burdock, olive, with the addition of vitamin A and C, which can be bought at the pharmacy. It is necessary to put oil on the hair roots, wrap the head with a warm turban, and in an hour or two wash it off. It is useful to make masks of yolk with honey, it will strengthen the hair and nourish them with moisture.

During menopause, women often experience changes in appearance: the skin becomes dry, the hair falls out, the nails are strongly exfoliated. It is necessary to control the situation, monitor your body, as it often gives signs, symptoms speak of a particular problem, and it is necessary to learn how to correctly recognize these signals. In time, the measures taken will not allow the development of the disease, and even after 50 the woman will remain attractive. Body, face, hair care is as necessary as brushing your teeth and washing, so with age you should not forget about yourself and let the situation take its course.

Picture Credit: Suad Kamardeen

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