Laughter is the Best Medicine

Laughter is the Best MedicineGelotology or laughter is the science of studying and applying laughter in the treatment of physical and mental diseases. The founder is considered to be the American journalist Norman Kazins, who is in the dying state due to a rare disease of collagenosis. After leaving the hospital, he began to entertain himself with comedy films, in order to escape from the sad fate. Soon Norman went on the mend, began to move independently, sleep better, went through painful sensations, and after a few months returned to work. Let us consider in more detail the effect of laughter therapy on humans.

Laugh more often, because this process is not only pleasant, but also healing.

Physical health. Thanks to the therapy, laughter improves breathing, circulation of internal organs and tissues. The hilarious people quickly stabilize their blood pressure, lower their cholesterol levels, and go through headaches. Children born to positively minded mothers have strong immunity and are resistant to ARVI.
Coping with stress and fear. Without antidepressants and tranquilizers, you can establish sleep, adequately respond to stressful situations, get rid of obsessive fears (phobias).
Appearance. A smiling person looks younger and attracts positive people; the minute of laughter is equated to a half-hour occupation of aerobics, because in the process, nearly 80 muscle groups are activated.
Relaxation. After laughing for 5 minutes, you will feel a rush of strength as from 40 minutes of full rest.
Pleasure. When laughter, a hormone of joy is produced endorphin – a natural “drug” that causes a sense of pleasure, similar to orgasm.


There are three main areas of laughter:

Classic. The therapist organizes group sessions or holds an individual reception. People watch comedies, listen to anecdotes, funny stories, laughter in the recording. Effectively fights with problems in the family or at work.
Medical clowning. Qualified employees of medical institutions arrange for patients humorous performances. Pre-patient examines the therapist.
Yoga of laughter. It is practiced among Indian healers and their followers, successfully developing in US. In the classroom they teach natural, easy and easy laughter, as well as respiratory gymnastics and the basics of the practice of consciousness development. There is a curative effect.

Below are the exercises and recommendations that are applicable at home.

  • If you are upset and have no reason to laugh, make an artificial smile. After 5-7 minutes of such self-deception, the body will perceive it as a reality and will produce serotonin. As a result, the mood will improve by itself.
  • Sit in front of the mirror with a clamped front teeth piece of refined sugar and open your mouth. A grimace will help to amuse.
  • More often see comedies and humorous films, listen to infectious children’s laughter in audio recordings, read jokes.
  • Awake, try to smile and thank the Higher Forces for a new day.
  • Make fun of difficult situations, learn to laugh at yourself. This will make it easier to relate to difficulties.
  • Do not think about the sound, enjoy the process.
  • Turn the laughter into a medicine and take it daily.
  • Smile around people, even strangers. So you will attract happy people and increase the positive atmosphere.

Laugh at your health!

Image credit:  Ben White

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