What Sports Give Us

What Sports Give UsEveryone has long known that doing sports is very useful. However, this statement does not make us go and do anything. We take it as a dogma, thinking that from the next week, we will definitely start. But, of course, we do not start. But they should have.

What will give us sports?

We want to live a long time and not get sick? – We want. So what prevents us from starting to go to this? – Nothing. Only own laziness, which is very simple to eliminate – the main thing is to take the first step. Having come to the gym for the first time, we will be able to feel the atmosphere reigning there, we will work out and leave, proud of ourselves. This sense of pride is decisive. We will want this more and more, which will be the very first incentive for sports. Gradually, their number will only increase.

The fact that sports support and strengthen your health is an indisputable fact. Passive way of life leads to increased blood pressure, muscles weaken and are lost in fat layers, blood circulation slows down, bones become brittle, a person quickly becomes tired and is in a state of depression.

Here the “regularity of entropic dynamic equilibrium” acts. A self-organizing system can not stay at the point of absolute equilibrium for a long time. It either develops or degrades. For development, the system needs constant influence from outside. When, while doing sports, we influence our physical body with moderate exercises, we introduce an easy imbalance in order to develop at a new level, which manifests itself in the development of muscle, endurance, flexibility, etc. Otherwise, degradation. However, if the influence on the system (our body) was superfluous, this can lead to over fatigue and destruction. Therefore, playing sports should be moderate. Do not push yourself to exhaustion.

In addition, playing sports allow us to keep the nervous system in order. Yes, strange as it may sound, but really it is. The fact is that during sports, we have time to think about everything that bothers us. And so from the gym we leave with a completely fresh head, with incredible ease. This is noted by most of those who have already started to play sports. And some of them even admit that they come to the hall only for the sake of this – to get rid of unnecessary thoughts.

And, of course, one can not fail to note one more factor – the factor of your own figure, your own body. Agree that at any age we will be pleased to look taut, to be slim, collected. Everyone wants this, even if at the subconscious level. And absolutely everyone is able to achieve this. After all, in fact, not much effort is worthwhile to apply to achieve results.

Of course, no one talks about a dizzying sports career, and even – about regular classes. We can start with an ordinary run in the evenings somewhere near the house. And even this – will give us the opportunity to feel what sport is. He tempers the character, makes us more stable, successful, beautiful. Positive moments are mass. And the sport is next to each of us. So why do not we draw these positive moments into our own lives? After all, you only need to take one step.

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