Common Cat Problems and How to Solve Them

Does your cat give you a lot of trouble? There are proven methods that will correct the behavior of a harmful pet.
Communication with a pet gives a positive effect on the psyche and health of every person. But what if the domestic cat has turned into a small predator that sows chaos and devastation?

1. How to wean a cat to sharpen claws on furniture?

The easiest way to wean a cat to sharpen claws about curtains, wallpaper or furniture is to buy 1-2 Cat Scratching Posts. Some cats immediately switch to Cat Scratching Posts, but other animals do not give up so easily. In this case, you can resort to some tricks:

Glue to the place where the cat likes to sharpen claws, double-sided scotch. When an animal tries to sharpen its claws in its usual place – it will encounter unpleasant sensations.
Spraying on the furniture a special spray with an unpleasant odor for the cat. It can be bought at a pet store.
Sub-cutting the cat with claws. But in no case do not remove the claws surgically – this will bring your pet only suffering.

Cat Scratching Posts

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2. Why does the cat throw things off and how to deal with it?

Scientists believe that cats thus exhibit their predator instinct and train their hunter skills. And small objects appear in this case in the form of prey. The simplest way to deal with such a problem is to keep the apartment in order and not allow valuable things to be exposed to the cat’s “attack”.

However, this behavior may indicate that the cat wants to get your attention. Feed or play with the pet and everything will fall into place.

3. What if the cat attacks?

What if the cat attacks

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If the cat regularly attacks you or one of your family members – barricade for 2 weeks the place where the animal is constantly hunting. And also offer him an alternative shelter – a cozy house or a large cardboard box.

To put such a house you need a quiet place, which will give a good overview of the whole room, in particular, the door and the place where the owners are often. And most importantly – spend more time with the pet and always play with it.

4. What if the cat does not accept the new person?

To a cat used to a new person faster – you need to gradually increase their communication. This will help play and feed the animal. You can also resort to such cunning: leave next to the place where a cat likes to rest, a thing with the smell of a new person. After a week or two, the cat will begin to behave less aggressively.

The cat beats the dog

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5. The cat goes to the toilet past the tray.

There are three reasons for this behavior and all of them can be solved. The cat does not like the tray (size, volume) or filler (structure, odor). In addition, the location and cleanliness of the tray may not like the animal.
The cat has health problems, in particular with the genitourinary system or kidneys. Visit your animal with a veterinarian.
The cat has stress. Often, this behavior is caused by stress – the appearance of a new person in the house, repair, moving or banal lack of attention. Try to eliminate the irritating factors.

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