How to make friends a cat and a dog?

We really want to believe in friendship between animals, but most scientists argue that games between different kinds of animals and even their joint sleep can not be attributed to the development of friendly relations. Let’s not argue with them, let’s think better how to make the relationship between the dog and the cat not at least enemy.
Can Cats and Dogs Be Friends?
A lot of people who want to take a cat into the house are worried about her health and life, so they already have a dog in the house, and on the contrary, the cat is already there, but they take the dog, but in this case they worry about the cat. Although quite often in such families, where both live and the other pet, as a rule, the dog suffers! What to do to avoid quarrels and fights between the cat and the dog living in your house?

Whom do you start first?

Not everything is as bad as it seems at first glance. The world between such different animals is quite possible. There are many stories in which the cat adopted a small puppy or vice versa, the dog took care of a tiny kitten. It is much more difficult to try on two adult animals, but, in my opinion, if you show patience and the right approach, then this is also possible.

At what age is it better to introduce a cat and a dog?

Better when they are both small or at least one of them – this is the best option. If there is a cat in your house, but you want to have a dog, then try to take a 3-12-week-old puppy. The ideal option is one when you have a dog that is good (quietly) refers to cats. You can try to get a kitten and introduce them to begin with, but everything should go under your control. Try to keep the dog from excessive emotions.

How to acquaint animals?

We’re starting a kitten.

We're starting a kitten
To begin with, the meeting should take place at a distance, let the animals get acquainted with the smell of each other. Do nothing and try to be calm, because your excitement can be surrendered to animals. Experts recommend the first 2-3 days to keep animals in different rooms so that they do not see each other as possible, but they hear and feel each other.
Food they also need to receive in different rooms, then the smell will be positively associated with eating and taming will be faster. If you can not keep in different rooms – feed in one, but in opposite corners. First, put a bowl of food to the older pet, and only then the younger one – this will also have a positive effect on the further relationship between them.
The dog will soon get used to the kitten, but still at first try to control their behavior in order to avoid possible conflicts. In most cases, animals quickly get used to each other and already get on well with each other for about 3-4 days, as if they had known each other for a long time. The main thing is for the kitten to evoke in the dog positive emotions. You will not achieve anything by punishment.

We’re starting a puppy.

We're starting a puppy
In this situation, everything is much simpler. Puppy from childhood will get used to the cat and already, being an adult, will not show aggression towards her. However, he can not be friendly towards other cats. Here all the envy of the owner. A small puppy does not need to be accustomed to a cat, except to stop all his attempts to bother her. It is very important to train animals to eat separately, so that they do not interfere with each other. Each of them must have its own personal territory.
But if suddenly a cat and a dog never made friends, then in this case it is better to make sure that they meet even less.

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