7 Simple Exercises To Improve Your Memory

Brain Exercises to Boost MemoryMemory is a human mental capacity that allows us to learn new things, make connections between objects, and perform tasks of varying complexity every day.

Memorizing information is a rather complex process that occurs in the human brain. According to the level of ability to perceive and remember new information, memory is divided into three different types – short-term, sensory, and long-term.

It is thanks to this division and sorting of information in the brain that a person can perform countless different tasks.

Unfortunately, the memory becomes weaker with age. Changes that occur in the brain during adulthood and old age lead to a significant deterioration of memory.

Effective exercises to improve memory

1. Study new information

When we learn, we force the brain to leave its comfort zone and at the same time stimulate brain activity that is often at rest if we do not overload the brain with new information.

It is for preventive reasons that we recommend regularly practicing the following activities to improve memory:

  • Learn a new foreign language
  • Start studying a topic that is still unknown to you
  • Take lessons in playing a musical instrument
  • Start searching for information about facts that interest you

2. Memorize simple facts

This exercise in memorizing fairly simple things is effective in stimulating brain activity and enhancing the brain’s ability to remember and store new information.

Try to memorize at least one item from this list every day:

  • Phone number
  • Someone’s day of birth
  • List of necessary products
  • Someone’s address

In addition, you can choose any day of the week and try to fix it in memory down to the smallest details. Remember exactly what you ate during the day or what tasks you performed.

3. Create so-called mental maps

Creating “mental maps” is a fairly simple task that not only activates the brain but also enhances its ability to remember new information.

In addition, practicing this exercise has a beneficial effect on the development of spatial intelligence:

  • The task is to mentally draw a map of a place. You can choose a place that you have never visited before but would like to visit.
  • Mentally follow the route drawn in your imagination, trying to add new details to the map each time.

4. Learn some new acronyms or acrostics

These simple exercises to improve your memory will help you keep your sanity and remember everything down to the smallest details for as long as possible.

Try to make the task more difficult and compose an acrostic poem with a keyword on your own.

5. Use tactile memory exercises

Perceiving things by touch is more effective for assimilating new information because thanks to touching you can not only feel the object but also notice even the smallest differences between two seemingly similar objects.

Exercises to improve memory, involving the perception of new objects by touch, activate and at the same time strengthen those areas of the brain responsible for learning and processing new information.

6. Do the task with your non-dominant hand

Although you will have to go through the day much more difficult than if you did everything with your dominant hand, this exercise is incredibly effective for improving memory and stimulating brain activity.

To perform this exercise, you will need to activate the second part of the cerebral cortex, which is responsible for processing information after touching it with the non-dominant hand.

Try to perform the following tasks with the help of the non-dominant hand:

  • Write something
  • Brush your teeth
  • Talk on the phone
  • Eat something while holding a spoon or fork in your non-dominant hand

7. Listen to music

By listening to melodious music, especially classical music, any person, regardless of age, can increase brain activity and strengthen memory.

Music stimulates brain cells and improves the ability to focus on a specific subject or task, learn new information and take facts by ear.

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