7 Habits That Destroy Your Happiness

7 Habits That Destroy Your HappinessWe all have the ability to stay calm, thanks to a set of skills such as patience, perseverance and, of course, intelligence.

But what happens when there is an imbalance? After all, energy plays an incredibly important role in our life, and maintaining its high level throughout the day is not an easy task.

It is important to make a clear plan to control the time spent on one or another type of activity. So we can be more productive, and our activity is more effective.

It is a balance between physical and emotional aspects, in order to ensure a good state of health and good health.

The key is to learn to work in harmony with oneself, that is, in the rhythm that our brain and body are asking for, and not to demand the impossible from ourselves.

But, agree, we are already accustomed to work hours without rest, and when there is a free time, we just get lost and do not know how to spend it with pleasure.

We take too much for ourselves: we are trying to do everything at once, and we leave “tails” – unfinished business. And such multitasking can negatively affect the result.

And today we would like to bring to your attention a few habits that steal energy.

Here they are:

You are the exhaust valve

No matter how hard it sounds, but there are truly toxic people who use you only to pour on your problems, dislike, fears and disappointments.

And it is better not to allow such people to fill themselves with this negative energy. Well, or at least not constantly, because it’s on the subconscious level negatively affects our life and perception of life.

You always have the opportunity to choose: who to enter your world and who you will spend time with. And even if you really love this “toxic” person and it interferes with your personal growth, you have to go and move on.

This is part of the natural system of relationships: everyone who is near us has appeared in our lives either to help us grow and develop, or to drown us.

And even if people’s intentions are good, it does not at all mean that they will do well for you. So start gradually reducing the time that you devote them.

You do not fulfill your promises

Why did not you hold the word? It is clear that you could change your mind, but you must act in any case, you can not escape from your duties.

If you do not want to do something, offer your option and return to the negotiations.

To postpone what will inevitably happen – it is very exhausting, takes off the forces. So try to do everything in time so that people take you seriously.

It’s time to say “enough”, “I do not want to.” And nothing terrible will happen. It is better to immediately tell about their feelings than to suffer for many years from the consequences of their silence.

You have no priorities

And what do you want from your life, did you think? Find what fills you physically and emotionally, and then you will find calm.

By filling your days with absurd affairs, you only achieve the loss of control and, in the end, you only do what satisfies the needs of others, regardless of what makes you happy.

So inhale, look around and analyze your capabilities. Keep in mind that every living thing needs a “pause” to continue to grow.

If you operate without a stop, you just throw energy out and it never returns back.

In your house is a mess

In a clean, neat and orderly space, you automatically feel better. But the premises overloaded with things that you do not use causes a feeling of increased anxiety and apathy.

If you want to start everything from scratch, then the first thing you have to do is take care of your dwelling, throwing away all the unnecessary things that steal your energy. Do not forget, in this case, “less” means “more”.

Turn your home into a place where you are always pleased and want to come back, where you breathe with good vibrations and relax, without falling into depression.

You do not listen to your body

The monotony of our days makes us forget that we are living beings. We expose our body to the heaviest loads: long working day, stress and pressure from others. We do not listen to our body.

But in conditions of such demand, it is virtually impossible to survive. You also need fresh air, meditation or physical training to get rid of toxins.

That’s why it’s so important to stick to a balanced diet rich in vitamins, minerals and other nutrients that provide the health of our body.

You lead a sedentary lifestyle

How often do you move? And it does not matter that you work in the office: do not train your body to sit sitting. Otherwise, it falls into the “vicious circle” of apathy.

But if you start to move and walk for at least 30 minutes a day, the release of endorphins will increase the level of energy that will support you throughout the day.

You are too worried

You are too worried

To worry about everyday problems is normal. But here if you can not control your anxiety, and this feeling already controls your emotions, it’s time to take action.

It manifests itself as the following symptoms:

  • Anxiety
  • Fatigue
  • Muscle tension
  • Irritability and increased excitability
  • Insomnia

All this is due to the fact that in the left hemisphere of the brain there is an increased activity, that is, when logical and rational thinking work without stopping.

In this case, one needs to look in his eyes for his fears and find the power to overcome them. He needs to strengthen his self-esteem.

So leave the past behind and arrange your future so that energy is enough for everything!

Picture Credit: Pixabay, sianbuckler

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