5 Main Causes of Headaches

5 Main Causes of Headaches

Headache is rarely dangerous. Most often, it has a simple reason. If you are too lazy to understand, it is enough to drink any over-the-counter pain medication (aspirin, ibuprofen, paracetamol) – and the discomfort will recede.

1. You develop farsightedness

With farsightedness, a headache occurs when you try to focus on objects nearby: notebooks on your desktop or laptop screen.

What to do

You should be distracted and give your eyes a rest. If it does not help, drink painkillers.

2. You did not get enough sleep or, conversely, overslept

The norm of sleep for an adult is 7-8 hours. If you sleep less or more, you risk waking up with a headache.

What to do

This time, take a painkiller. For the future – try not to go beyond.

3. Are you nervous or experiencing chronic stress?

Stress can also trigger tension headaches.

What to do

Sit up and stretch your legs. Walk around with your shoulders relaxed. Do some simple exercises: tilt your head forward, then back, sweep from shoulder to shoulder, repeat. If possible, take a warm shower or bath.

4. Are you hungry?

Lowering blood sugar can cause a headache. This condition is often experienced by those who forgot to eat on time, who are on a strict diet or are too active in sports, limiting themselves in food.

What to do

Eat or drink something that contains easily digestible carbohydrates: sweet tea, fruit juice, milk or cocoa, cookies, candy, a piece of bread. This will help to quickly raise the glucose level to normal and calm the headache.

5. You develop an ear infection

You can talk about it if a pressing or throbbing headache is accompanied by hearing loss, ringing, or unpleasant sensations in the ears.

What to do

If, in addition to the symptoms listed above, there are no other manifestations of the disease, you can do nothing.

If fever, severe pain in the ear, and dizziness join the symptoms, then it can be otitis. This disease is a common cause of hearing loss, so be sure to consult a doctor.

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