How To Retain Muscle If I Can’t Go To The Gym

How To Retain Muscle If I Can'T Go To The GymIf you for some reason do not have the opportunity to visit the gym – it does not matter.

If you care about your appearance and body shape, however, for some reason you can not regularly visit the gym.

In order to use the main muscle groups, four exercises are enough. For a start, you only need to do 10-15 repetitions, but over time the load must be increased.

1. Squatting with dumbbells

It is necessary to do not ordinary squats, but to increase their effectiveness with the help of dumbbells. How to perform: take a dumbbell in each hand, put your legs shoulder-width apart. Sit down, holding your arms along your body, then straighten your legs and stand on your toes, with your arms raised above your head. The exercise involves the entire lower body, biceps, shoulders, and calves.

2. Dumbbell pushups

Push-ups from his knees, crossing and lifting the foot. Starting position: kneel, hands shoulder-width apart. The body should form a straight line from the knees to the head. Take the dumbbell in one hand, press out, straighten your arms and roll the dumbbell in the other hand. Roll dumbbells with each lift.

3. Plank with foot rotation

You can talk about the benefits of the plank for a long time, since every girl who works on her body has certainly felt the effectiveness of this exercise on herself. Stand in the “bar” and stretch one leg parallel to the floor. Perform a first turn with your foot counterclockwise, then for the hour. Repeat the same for the second leg.

4. Inclinations with dumbbells

Take a dumbbell in each hand and stand on one leg. Jump up, then do the tilt and touch the floor with dumbbells, while trying to pull the other leg back. Perform the exercise alternately for each leg.

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