Why Do I Constantly Feel Thirsty During Sleep?

Why Do I Constantly Feel Thirsty During Sleep?The cause of nocturnal thirst may be a change in brain biorhythms. To this conclusion came the professor of neurology at McGill University in Quebec. Doctors advise to be attentive to the body, because the thirst may hide other problems.

The reasons why you are thirsty

Moisture is necessary for the body to restore the water-salt balance. The amount of salt a person needs is 4 grams a day. If the norm is off scale, the cells give water to equalize the concentration and signal to the brain about a lack of moisture. As a result, a person begins to suffer from thirst.

Improper diet
Diet, poor in fruits and vegetables, increases the risk of dehydration. Deficiency of vitamin A and riboflavin leads to dry mouth.

Still thirst arises, if during the day and before going to bed you ate fat and heavy food. Such products cause acid reflux or heartburn.

Insufficient water intake
The human body consists of water – in babies by 90%, in adolescents by 80%, in adults by 70%, in the elderly by 50%. Lack of moisture leads to illness and old age. Every day a person loses water through sweat glands and urine. To make up for the loss, the body includes a protective mechanism – thirst. He needs clean water.

According to the research of American scientists, the amount of water per day depends on the physiology, place of residence and human activity. One needs 8 glasses, and another more.

The lack of water in the body is indicated by the symptoms:

  • rarely go to the toilet;
  • constipation;
  • urine of dark color;
  • dry mouth;
  • dry skin, sticky saliva;
  • dizziness;
  • a feeling of fatigue, lethargy, irritability;
  • increase of pressure.

Problems with a nasopharynx
I’m thirsty at night, can cause nasal congestion. The person begins to “breathe” through the mouth. Air drains the oral cavity and leads to difficulty breathing and dryness.

Drug administration
Night thirst can be caused by taking medications from the group of painkillers, from diabetes, hypertension, heart failure, against infectious and fungal diseases.

A high amount of sugar in the blood, like salt, attracts water from the cells. For this reason, the kidneys work intensively and urination becomes more frequent. Due to lack of moisture, the body signals thirst. Doctors call diabetic craving polydipsia. Frequent desire in drinking is a symptom to which you need to pay attention and undergo a survey.

Kidney Diseases
The desire to drink plenty of water day and night can provoke kidney diseases – polycystosis, pyelonephritis, cystitis, glomerular nephritis and diabetes insipidus. If the urinary tract is infected with an infection to remove toxins, the body provokes increased urination.

With diabetes insipid diabetes, the kidneys are deficient in hormone, which helps them control the amount of water in the body. Excessive thirst is one of the symptoms of such diseases.

Dry mouth can indicate anemia – a disease in which there is a lack of healthy red blood cells. In addition to thirst, a person complains of dizziness, weakness, fatigue, rapid pulse and sweating.

Is thirst at night dangerous?
Loss of body water from 1-2% causes thirst. Often a person begins to feel it when the body is dehydrated. The body indicates a lack of moisture symptoms:

  • pain in the limbs and back;
  • mood swings;
  • dry and pale skin;
  • fatigue and depression;
  • constipation and infrequent urination;
  • urine of dark color.

If the urine has become dark – the body is trying to solve the problem of excretion of toxins by keeping water in the kidneys. Doctors advise, especially the elderly, to pay attention to the color of urine. Should be alert if within a few hours you did not urinate.

Most of the causes of thirst indicate a pathology in the body. Watch for a condition – if thirst is not connected with acceptance of medicines or a ration, address to the doctor.

How to get rid of night’s thirst

The amount of fluid in the body is 40-50 liters. It is needed to power cells and organs, intervertebral discs and the cardiovascular system. Thanks to water in the formulations, cushioning pillows are created and the gastrointestinal tract functions.

If you do not like drinking water, eat vegetables, fruits and greens. They are natural suppliers of clean water. Thirst also squeezes freshly squeezed juices, green and fruit tea.

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