4 Ways to Nicely Say No Without Feeling Guilty

4 Ways to Nicely Say No Without Feeling GuiltyThe inability to say no is a fairly common occurrence, especially among women. After all, since childhood we are taught to be polite, to help people and to like them. What if, because of the inability to deny you all go?

Psychologists advise such techniques.

Stop being a lifeguard
This is the toughest advice, but he certainly will help you. Many people like to think that their refusal will upset the other, disrupt the course of his life or even break his fate (if it is a question of refusing to marry, for example).

In fact, the person will find how to satisfy his own need or turn to another with this question. We have great importance only for ourselves, but not for anyone else. Your failure is not the end of the world.

Let not love yourself
Often we do not refuse out of fear to dislike people. We think if we always please, then we become loved and needed.

First, it is not at all like that. When did people love those who ride?

Secondly, maybe someone will turn away from you after this. But you can’t please everyone, whatever you do. It’s impossible. Accept it and humble yourself.

Share good and bad egoism
Denying is selfishness. But this word is negatively colored only in order to manipulate us and force us to do something first and foremost for others, and then for ourselves.

Think, is it good that you and everyone you love suffer from inability to refuse? Only these emotions are important, and good egoism is to protect them.

Encourage failures
If you have refused someone in your favor, be sure to praise yourself. So instead of feeling guilty you will have a positive pattern and in the future you will be much less afraid to refuse.

Picture Credit: Isaiah Rustad

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