Love at First Sight: Why and How It Can Happen

Love at First Sight: Why and How It Can Happen

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Scientists believe that a bright feeling does occur literally in a split second. Specialists conducted an experiment, exploring brain reactions in volunteers using ultramodern instruments. Measurements have shown what happens to the body when love appears between people.

In one fifth of a second after visual contact, 12 brain regions immediately come into extreme excitement. Several different hormones are released into the bloodstream, which disrupts the normal functioning of the nervous system. And all – on the planet became one more lover more. But why does this happen? Where does the same spark come from? On this account, there are several versions.

The first version. All for offspring

Some experts believe that love at first sight arises at the genetic level. Allegedly, a person for a fraction of a second is able to determine whether the genetic set of a potential partner is suitable for reproduction and obtaining the most healthy offspring. The more successful the genetic combination of a man and a woman, the stronger will be the feeling. In support of this version, scientists give an experiment, which they conducted on fly-flies. Flies-females unerringly chose males that possessed the best set of genes. However, other experts are sure that the researchers of flies confuse the cause with the investigation.

In their opinion, the appearance of a healthy offspring is due not to the correct genetic set, but to the very feeling of sympathy that exists between future parents. In contrast to the experiment on flies, they lead studies in mice. The mice were forced to sniff at each other and observe the reaction of the rodents.

If they showed interest in each other, the couple kept together. In the other cage were planted pairs of long-tailed, which did not show such interest. As a result, both mice multiplied. However, those who immediately liked each other, were born more healthy mice.

The second version. The thing is in smell

When a man meets a woman, the natural mechanism works: as soon as possible to master it. But … How to understand a man’s intentions? Psychologist’s advice According to this version, we, like animals, choose our partners by smell. Ostensibly it is the smell that tells us with which person there is an opportunity to live a lifetime in the soul. However, nature can be deceived with artificial fragrances.
This means people used at all times – in ancient China, Egypt and the Roman Empire, for example, there was a whole science of mixing odors that can attract a man or a woman. It was believed that the ladies attract the smell of cedar, patchouli and bergamot, and a strong sex is crazy about Cananga odorata, rosemary and geranium. Modern scientists conducted their research and refuted the ancient postulates. They measured the level of sexual arousal in volunteers and got striking results.

It turned out that the ladies would excite the smell of cucumbers, and men are crazy about the aromas of pumpkin pie. However, artificial flavors can attract only for a while. True attachment gives only a natural body odor.

How to understand a man's intentions

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The third version. Memory of the past

This version is supported by supporters of the theory of reincarnation. They believe that love at first sight arises when we meet partners from our past life.

Such occasional meetings are a rarity, usually people who knew each other in a different reality, never meet again. But if the coincidence does happen, the sudden love arises. Usually this feeling is very strong, getting rid of it in case of failure is not easy – such meetings people remember all their lives.

Michael Newton, an American psychologist and ardent supporter of the doctrine of the transmigration of souls, immersed his patients in a hypnotic trance. Under hypnosis, those who have experienced love at first sight, said that they knew the object of their passion in a past life.

The fourth version. Selfishness and narcissism

If we believe this theory, we are primarily looking for ourselves in a potential partner. It is because of the external similarity with your own face that the features of a stranger suddenly seem so native and pleasant.

Selfishness and narcissism

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It is no accident that spouses who have lived together for a long time often become similar to each other. And it’s not just that over the years people are starting to copy the speech and manner of the one with whom they live. The reason is that the happy spouses initially had similarities. To prove this, researchers from the United States took photographs of people who had lived in a happy marriage for many years and, through a small correction, converted the female photos into masculine and vice versa.

adjustment for genderThe result surprised them! With regard to the “adjustment for gender” spouses were surprisingly similar!

However, the external similarity is not the only thing that can push into the embrace of a stranger. It is necessary to see that the object of passion is well-intentioned. According to psychologists, people find attractive those whose interest in themselves they see and feel. To prove this, experts conducted a study.
Subjects were shown photos of various people – attractive and not very. The experiment participants felt sympathy for those who smiled in the photo and looked directly at the lens. That is, a long look and an open smile is the secret of success for the opposite sex.


The fifth version. Dear Parents

Some experts are sure that there is no mystery in love at first sight. We just like men and women, similar to our parents. And the similarity does not have to be complete – enough coincidence of several features.

It does not matter what your childhood was like, happy or not. Even those who do not have a relationship with their parents, subconsciously pulls towards people like Mom or Dad.

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