8 Things You Should Never Mix With Alcohol

8 Things You Should Never Mix With AlcoholWith the advent of warm weather, frequent meetings in the circle of friends and friends, family picnics and romantic dates come back to our lives. On such evenings, besides tasty food, alcohol is also likely to be present. In moderate doses, alcoholic beverages are good and sometimes even useful.

However, for alcohol to be well absorbed by the body and not harm, it is important to understand that it is not harmoniously combined with all the products. Let’s find out which products are better not to drink with alcohol.


Many of us have the habit of finishing the festive feast with a cup of fragrant coffee. This habit is very harmful to our body. When you enter the body of alcohol, the work of the nervous system is suppressed. Coffee, on the contrary, stimulates her work.

As a result, the mixing of these two drinks reduces the sense of intoxication, but the neutralization of alcohol does not occur. This way you risk drinking far more than your norm and provoke bad health.


A favorite snack for many of us were citrus fruits. We are accustomed to drinking alcohol with oranges, tangerines or lemons. It turns out that this habit also has a rather dubious benefit for our body in combination with alcohol.

The thing is that citrus contains a lot of acid that can provoke problems with digestion and non-alcoholic beverages. In combination with alcohol, this negative trend can only intensify.

To avoid this, try to choose bananas as a snack. They contain a large amount of potassium that can neutralize the negative effects of alcohol on the body and prevent it from dehydration.

Salty food

Not the best choice as a snack after alcohol is considered and salty food. By itself, food neutralizes the effect of alcohol, but with salty foods everything happens a little differently. The fact is that crackers, salty nuts and other snacks from excess salt cause a thirst.

Well, if at this moment there will be mineral water at hand. But in most cases, thirst quenches have the same alcohol. As a consequence, there is a great risk after a few batches of salty food to strongly exceed the allowable dose of alcoholic beverages.

Desserts with alcohol

It would seem that the bad thing is to add a glass of wine to tasty sweets with a city of alcohol? In fact, this is a bad idea, which is better to refuse. To be completely sure about the quantity and quality of alcohol available in the dessert, nobody can.

You will be lucky if producers of dessert will add high-quality alcohol to the dish and save on its quantity. If this does not happen, you risk doubling your intoxication.

If you already absolutely want to treat after an alcohol dessert, it is better to give preference to sweets, which contain milk and any dairy products. They prevent chemical reactions in the body caused by alcohol, and reduce liver irritation.

Spicy sauce

A combination of alcoholic beverages with sharp sauces is considered unsuccessful for the organism. Consumption of such food can cause burns of the mucous membrane of the esophagus and stomach, and in the best case you will have unpleasant weight and heartburn.

If bad development occurs, all this can result from severe intoxication or serious poisoning.

Fresh tomatoes

Almost on any picnic you can find a combination of fresh tomatoes with alcoholic beverages. Such a combination is considered very harmful to our body. A combination of tomatoes with vodka or cognac provokes flatulence and digestive problems. This is due to the high content of organic acids in tomatoes that simply do not digest in that state of the stomach.

If you want to eat tomatoes after drinking, you can drink a glass of tomato juice or eat canned tomatoes in your own juice. Products of tomato processing are differently acting on our body and do not cause negative reactions from the digestive system.


Chocolate after liquor is also an unsuccessful idea. Available in chocolate, caffeine and cocoa are heavily loaded with the pancreas: as a result, such combination may cause abdominal pain or cramping.

In the worst case, it can provoke the development of acute pancreatitis.

Watermelons and melons

In summer, no picnic does not do without tasty and juicy melons. Melons and watermelons in combination with alcohol are badly digested by the body through the content of a large amount of sugar in these fruits.

Simultaneous eating of such products with alcohol is equivalent to consuming sweets with alcohol. Glucose in this case will be digested first, so the body will suffer from toxic products of disintegration of alcohol. As a result, the combination will turn into fermentation in the stomach and tangible discomfort at the bottom of the abdomen.

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